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8 May
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About This Journal
This is a journal started with the simple purpose to chronicle my journey through time and space. That journey has now taken me to Brisbane, Australia, where I live with my husband and our cockatiel Q.

Feel free to add this journal, but it does not obligate me to add you back (read more about my view). Friends-only is basically - well, for my friends only.

Or are you here for the recipes, restaurant reviews, BPAL reviews, fanfics, icons or wallpapers?

This journal uses filters to manage content. Some filters are opt-in (ie. you have to tell me what content you wish to see).
Current requestable filters are:
  • Dolls (mostly ABJDs)
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About The Writer/Blogger
According to Human for Sale, I am worth exactly $2,251,866.

Singaporean ★ Resident of Australia ★ Closet fangirl ★ Addict in denial ★ Hypocrite ★ Big foodie ★ Bookworm ★ Music whore ★ Cyber stalker ★ Has selective hearing ★ Foulmouth ★ Francophile ★ Japanophile ★ Infinite wanderlust ★ Animal lover ★ Weirdo magnet ★ Online 24-7 ★ Insanely boring 99% of the time
Credit & Disclaimer
Images from night_child80 and Getty Images.
Fonts from Font Garden.
Brushes from Misguided Buddha & 100x100_brushes.
Mood theme by night_child80. Graphics from Glitter Graphics.

Since I am old (ie. censor ratings don't matter to me), contents may not be suitable for an immature audience. This is not frequent, but just in case, consider yourself warned.

No part of this journal may be reproduced in any shape or form.
Reproduction of my material without permission is prohibited.


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