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A week into winter

Q all fluffed up for the night

It's officially one week into winter here down under.

And I'm freezing! Going to bed at 15ºC isn't half bad, but having lows of 7-9ºC sometime through the night means getting out of bed is a struggle. However I give mini-thanks everytime I slip my feet into my uggies (a birthday present from the in-laws), for without them, I wouldn't be able to bear stepping onto the kitchen tiled floor... or toilet. No pee-pee for me then, eh?

Commuting by cycling to and from work now is also a health hazard. Short of wearing 2 tees over a sports bra, my nips are getting uncomfortably cold.
And guys... it's not an amusing condition.

The cold also means one feels hungrier earlier. With the sun setting at 4:30pm, the urge for a warm fatty dinner is often too irresistable. Hot pies, casseroles, stews... the SO has complained the packed lunches I usually give him isn't enough to carry him through the day. I've had to double the quantity to stop his whinging... but it all means putting on a 'winter coat'.

Seeing Q all fluffed up at bedtime reminds me that he feels the chill too, but while he is breaking through some extra feathers for the season (making him a lot more affectionate for scratches to help with the itching), I am still most comfortable in an oversized tee and shorts.

Oh well, time to dig out those tights and sweaters from the winterwear box.
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