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Vroom Cafe on James Street 
8th-Apr-2009 03:28 pm
After the first exhausting day at Supanova, the SO went online to look for a restaurant that served gluten-free options. Vroom Bistro and Bar came up on several searches and wasn't too far from the RNA Showgrounds, so we went down.

It wasn't a busy night and plenty of seats available. There was a sign out front advertising all day breakfast and we asked if we could have the breakfast menu, only to be told that the all-day breakfast was only till 3pm. Hmmmm...

Nevertheless, dinner was quite nice. bankevair and her sister shared the above, before deciding it wasn't enough.

I went with this salad and octopus can be a bit tricky. Many restaurants serve very tough octopus, but Vroom have it down pat. Served with fried shallots, the flesh was tender and not the least bit chewy. My own gripe was that the lettuce leaves were whole, so some knife skills were required.

mariko_senpai's dinner, which is gluten free and she gave it a thumbs up.

The SO was very impressed with the rosti, which had more of a mash potato texture than a proper rosti. The flavour was amazing and complemented the kangaroo very well. The roo was cooked well, but we weren't very sure what the fried leek bits was meant to achieve. Coupled with the potato, it added texture, but otherwise, we left it to the side.

mariko_senpai's dessert.

bankevair & her sister's shared dessert, which both of them said was delicious.</center>

Vroom Cafe
Shop 1, 46 James St
Fortitude Valley 4006 QLD
Phone: (07) 3257 4455

Opening hours:
Mon 7am-5pm
Tue-Thu 7am-10pm
Fri-Sat 7am-11pm
Sun 7am-10pm

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9th-Apr-2009 01:19 am (UTC)
oh good you're finding yummy places for when i visit next...! :D
9th-Apr-2009 03:30 am (UTC)
Unfortunately the SO and I agree that while the food is nice at Vroom, it is not as good as you'd expect for the price you pay.

Speaking of which, when do you plan on visiting Brisbane again?
9th-Apr-2009 04:56 am (UTC)
Mmmm.... Chocolate!
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