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Victoria's Bushfire

If you haven't already heard, the death toll from the Victorian bushfire is at 108 so far.

As the news camera crews pan from scene to scene of devastation, I almost wept in horror, especially as people drove past ruined cars abandoned along the roads with nothing but the barest metal that could withstand the heat. All I could think was whether that vehicle might've had people in them, trying to escape but never making it. And these are towns, which looked no different from the ones we have up here: Tambourine, O'Reilley's, Mt Glorious... it could've happened here, if we hadn't had all the rain we've gotten*.

And it's not just people. Even animals, such as cattle went up in fire.

To think all this might have been caused by arsonists. Finding the cause of the fires will be a real challenge for the new taskforce.

The survivors will have to rebuild their lives and homes from nothing. Trips to the bank will be a nightmare without the required identification documentations. That's only the beginning.

While the AUD$1000 to bushfire victims Federal government is preparing to dish out will be nothing in the face of the damages and loss of life, it is heartwarming to know that at least here in Australia, the government and its people don't just talk about helping. They actually get things done. Can the same be said of Singapore if there was a national disaster?

The Red Cross has put up Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009.

* - Queensland has gotten far too much rain, especially up north... but if you think being flooded is the worst, think again. Crocodiles might be in those flood waters. It's like something out of a B grade horror flick.
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