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Southport on the Gold Coast

xenalvr was in town for a couple of days and we went to Southport on the Gold Coast to enjoy a little sun.

Monday on the beach is awesome. There aren't many people and the water was fine, despite the warnings of king tides. Nevertheless I didn't soak myself further than my knees in the clear waters. The shark attacks over the weekend all across Australia has been a little unnerving.

Instead I lounged on the beach towel to stretch out the pale (and slightly unshaven) legs to bask in some rays.

Yes, skin cancer.
Yes, evil evil UV.
Would it help to mention I brought a parasol? Yah, imagine all the sun-worshipping locals staring at the silly Asian lugging a black frilly parasol to the beach. Hardly suntanning, you reckon?

Oh, and I slapped sunscreen before slathering on suntan oil. Shush. (^_-)-☆
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