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Navman S45

Since moving to Oz, I have been getting behind the wheel more in a week than I did in the 2-3 years after I got my drivers licence in Singapore.

In the motherland (aka Singapore), it's almost impossible to get lost. No matter how lost, you can just pick 1 direction and stick to it till you either come to a familiar road or you reach the sea will get you unlost.

And most unfortunately I've also inherited my mother's sorry excuse of a sense of direction.

But here on this solo continent, there is a REAL possibility of getting seriously lost ala no-petrol-station-for-miles-and-you-have-no-water-and-there-is-a-family-of-mutated-inbred-cannibals-waiting-to-pounce-on-you-from-behind-that-overgrown-bush-by-the-road.

... I obviously watch too many horror movies, but hey! Don't come whining to me when some grotesque hunchback is gnawing on your thigh, cuz you didn't wanna pack a machete in your car.

So before the SO looks at his mobile while at work and screams to the gods "WTF?! She's lost again?!?!" (which is probably going to happen any day now), we went out and got me a Navman S45.

No, it doesn't do Mr T or Yoda voices (disappointed!), but yay! No more getting lost in the wilderness that is Brisbane! XD
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