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TDA 08 is over!

A 2-hour sweatshop session the day before and sore feet from a full day at the Suntec Convention later, The Doll Affair 2008 is now officially over!

As the comments come in on the official TDA 2008 feedback thread and into our TDA inbox, it's time to catch a breath and thank the people who have made this 2nd year for Singapore's only BJD convention possible.

Despite all the financial crisis doom-and-gloom, TDA has almost double the number of booths. We would like to give our deepest thanks to each of the 22 vendors for their support and participation this year:
Mikan's Poketo X Blueberry pie & Nutmeg
RDG Doll
fragaria_vesca of Angel.Candy-Rock
Nightmare Carnival X Fleur + Papillion
Ressurection Level vs Atsuki GL
silencestation and stereophilic of Tangled Web
jshan of Small Wonder
puddingneko and mori_m of ShowsDoll
Lavanderlilz inc. X Tête-a-tête Creations
lemon_puurin of H3 Studio
gothiquelolita, lightlybattered and rockahippo of The Magic Hour
i_am_kagetsuki and crucifixation_ of ::Monochromatic Dreams::
rinuchiha of Kuroi Tenshi-ya (Black Angel)
Valse du Ciel
Rose Furr Bergamot
Rainbow Treasures
bankevair of VeryBerry

And not forgetting our awesome door-bitches kakitaraisho and peteylin, our official photographer ivoryfox, volunteers Teresa, Jasmine, Nancy and part-time deckhand (and Ah Mat cum IT support technician) tvjames. What would we ever do without the extra hands?

And of course, everyone who took the time to visit. Thank you for coming and being so cooperative! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and were not only able to catch up with friends, but made new ones as well! The TDA committee are ever grateful for your support and we look forward to seeing all of you again at next year's event.

Last but most certainly not in the very least, the TDA team:


Personal messages:
  • fragaria_vesca: Remember, more MSD stuff! Your mama is a god. (^3^)
  • jshan: Where were you?! I was hoping to catch you at your booth to say hi.
  • jaimest: OMG! I almost didn't recognise you without your short hair (and IJ uniform XD). Hope you enjoyed yourself at the event!
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