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Flood damage: Part 1

Editor's note: This whole incident has taken a lot out of us emotionally and physically, so I will be breaking it into several parts to post on Livejournal. Despite sleeping well the last 2 days, I still wake up exhausted and will continue to do so for several more days. I apologise for the lack of posts and comments, but real life -as always- should come first.

After Sunday's storm and ensuing drama in nearby areas, we thought we had seen the worst of it.

We were obviously mistaken.

After having gone to bed early, the SO woke me up at about 1am to say we were flooded. I got up and opening our curtain, realised our backyard had turned into a 1.5m high swimming pool of mud and dead vegetation. And the rain showed no signs of stopping.

Power had gone out, so we had to fumble with tealights and rush to get as much stuff off the floor as possible. And we did so just in time as the waters rose and flooded into the apartment, creeping forward and saturating the carpet from living room through to the bedroom. There was not a dry spot anywhere in the place.

Our porch disappeared under 3 inches of water, but beyond that is the yard which has disappeared under 1.5 metres of water.

And although our apartment is elevated, the water would not be denied and seeped through the sliding and screen doors from both ends of the apartment to soak every inch of carpet.

With waters almost ankle high, the SO and I started packing a bag of what was most precious to us to take to the in-laws if the flooding got any worse and we had to abandon the apartment. I ended up throwing in my passport, some underwear and my most expensive clothes, which were 80% lolita dresses.

Yah, in case of emergency, you know what I would take with me.

Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep last night as we desperately hoped the waters wouldn't raise higher. And they didn't, but the damage had been done. Our garden is completely wrecked. Every inch of carpet in the whole apartment is saturated. We spent the rest of the night in our own bed, but couldn't get much sleep at all.

In the morning, we could see the mud mark on the fence where the water had risen to.

We also had to make phone calls to work first thing in the morning to tell them what had happened and that we couldn't possibly come in.

We also called the property agent, who had to speak to the owner's insurer. The property manager was neither helpful nor sympathic. They simply said they spoke to the insurer and had arranged for the carpet people to come in Saturday morning to dry the carpets.

Thinking they must have gotten the wrong impression (that the apartment got wet from a bathroom leak), we immediately forwarded photos we had taken of the amount of water that had come through to the property manager, in the hopes that they would allow the property manager to fully appreciate the extent of the damage and how simply attempting to dry the carpet would not only take longer than a week, it would be a health hazard as the combination of warm weather and the water still sitting in the carpet underlay would result in mould and other bacteria festering.

The property manager simply insisted that this was the procedure and they would just first try to dry the carpet. She even instructed us to use towels and try to dry the carpets ourselves.

We were obviously upset, but exhaustion took over and we did as we were told and tried to dry the carpets ourselves for an hour. It didn't make a dent in the water level.

So we packed most of our things to move into the storeroom to avoid them getting wet from possible flooding from the projected storms over the next few days. Our neighbour, who was in the same situation (but owns his apartment), called his insurance people and got a carpet guy to come in Friday and rip up his carpets, to discover the water had gone into the concrete below. The carpet guy said they would need to have the blowers on till Sunday, before they would test the concrete to see if it was dry enough.
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