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My pretty new for-1 teapot cum mug

As I broke the only teapot we had (it was a wedding present), we went to Myer to look for a replacement with our newly arrived Myer vouchers yesterday.

We came away with 2!

One large pot that would easily serve 3-4 cups whenever the SO gets the itch to sip tea with me (or we have guests) and this pretty baby: my new for-1 teapot cum cup set from Heritage. Aethetics aside, it's one of those nifty designs where the mug actually fits under the pot for easy storage. I stood in front of the display rack of them forever, debating whether we should bother getting it since we were already getting the larger one, until the SO finally threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't 'just get it'. Heh.

And for the curious, it is currently filled with my favorite Orange Pekoe from McIver's Coffee and Tea Merchants in Melbourne.

I'm such a sucker for pretty home wares. (^__^;;)
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