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Wok Me take-away dinner 
30th-Sep-2008 10:26 am

During our occasional fit of sluggish domestic attitudes, we run down to the local to pick up unhealthy take-away dinners. A new Wok Me outlet had opened around the corner and I was curious to see what they had to offer in Asian cuisine, besides the overly expensive Thai restaurant or the tiny portioned Chinese place several shops down.

The SO had tried Wok Me before and warned me it would never match up to the culinary standards of hawkers. And while I may be Chinese, I've never eaten Asian takeaway from a paper box like this before, so I took it as a bit of a novelty to partake in a culture that claims to be my own.

Wok Me had a ‘family’ deal offer: 2 large mains, 2 spring rolls and 1 packet of prawn crackers for AUD$25. The prawn crackers were meh. I can fry these koropok and pay a really small fraction of what they charge for a bag of these oil-laden snacks.

The SO's dinner: the seafood mee goreng. It tasted a lot more like hokkien mee without the bee hoon (vermicelli). Decent, but hardly amazing. I can't believe they charge AUD12 for a large serving when the same (albeit with fewer pieces of seafood, though fresher) would cost SGD3.50.

My dinner: the spicy thai seafood. Man, this was burning my mouth out. I'm seriously out of practice of eating spicy food, cuz I would ordinarily chomp down without any problems. Instead I found myself clamoring for ice cold beverages. Nevertheless decent eating and I had difficulty finishing the portion.

Conclusion: Still haven't found a match to food from back home, other than Toowong's Laksa Hut.
30th-Sep-2008 01:03 am (UTC)
heh, you would find the same problem through out Australia i think. there are a few places that do offer "singapore" food in melbourne. One of them has sadly closed, that was pretty authentic. the others, i can't remember. will check with my friends and see if they can come up with something.

If you miss the tastes much though, i think Prima pre-mix stuffs are pretty close to what we want in terms of tastes in Satay, Laksa and hainanese chicken rice. The curry chicken is debatable - it really depends on which stall you used to frequent right? :)
30th-Sep-2008 01:04 am (UTC)
oops i meant brisbane
30th-Sep-2008 04:15 am (UTC)
More food my mom can't handle. (spicy food makes her ill.)
2nd-Oct-2008 08:38 pm (UTC)
That kinda sucks. Spicy food is the best for a bit of a kick in the tastebuds.
30th-Sep-2008 10:10 am (UTC)
ditto the prima premix comment. the laksa, mee siam mixes are pretty good. hainanese chicken rice you really only need the rice mix if you're not up to making it from scratch.

is the chinese noodle stall at westfield indooroopilly still there? if so, they used to do a pretty decent 'flat egg noodle dry' (aka mee pok tah wannabe).

there were a few other places we used to go to get our SE asian food fix but offhand i can't remember and dunno if they're still there. :P
2nd-Oct-2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
If I find the premixes in the supermarkets, I'd try it. I've been telling myself we should get the sambal kangkong mix soon, cuz I'm craving it.

I don't recall a chinese noodle stall, unless you're referring to the one that has a fill-up-your-plate type of buffet lunch. Was it at the foodcourt?

There's a restaurant called Singapura, which does chicken rice and a new Little Singapore outlet just opened on Charlotte Street. Just haven't tried them yet.
2nd-Oct-2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
it used to be the noodle stall at the food court, furthest away from the fast food outlets. they did noodle soups and stuff like that, but that was many years ago tho.

you don't need a mix for sambal kangkong! just any decent sambal belacan will do.
30th-Sep-2008 01:35 pm (UTC)
Got to love the Laksa Hut ^_^

Ipoh Laksa (over at Kangaroo Point) has some decent food too, but oddly enough the laksas are pretty poor.

Let me know if you find a place with good chicken rice - I'm still searching (but I'm also being very picky).
2nd-Oct-2008 08:43 pm (UTC)
Laksa Hut is the best!

Dang, and I thought to try their laksa.
2nd-Oct-2008 10:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks, it's 8.20am and now I'm craving laksa :P

This is going to make for a difficult Friday... but hey, then I can go for Laksa Hut laksa tonight ^_^

Mmmmm laksa.
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