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Welsh Lady's cherry flan

We have been walking past Welsh Lady for ages, but never got round to trying anything from their selection. By the time either of us got home from work, it would be closed.

But today was different. Despite working a little longer than planned, I got home a little earlier than the SO and found the little store open. The wall is decorated with pictures of gorgeously decorated cakes for almost every occassion, but their strength appears to be stunning wedding cakes. In fact, there was a couple in the store selecting their cake for their Easter wedding - a good 7 months away.

But back to their take-away selection: pies, eclairs, slices of cake... and then there was this cherry tart, which the assistant called a flan.

*shrugs* Looked like a tart, so a rose by any other name...

Anyway, I selected it and the price for it came up to AUD7.20.

Holy cow! That seemed like a lot for a tart (or as the SO said: 'expensive tart'). Granted it was delicious and the cream in the centre was beautifully light (the flavour so mild, it was almost impossible to identify it as a custard, a yoghurt or cream filling), but it's too pricey for us. The ingredients are wonderfully fresh: crushed pistachios cling to the perfectly balanced cherries and lace the rim of the fresh pastry crust.

Reckon we'll stick to unhealthy donuts and cheesecakes for sweets. (^_-)-☆
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