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[Fic] A Hospital Visit 
12th-Jul-2008 03:18 pm
Title: A Hospital Visit
Author: night_child80
Pairing: Kazama Ren, Ogata Yamato
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: Don't own them or Gokusen.
Summary: Yamato visits Ren at the hospital
Notes: Inspired by Gokusen 3 episode 11 and dedicated to ivoryfox, whose whining about the sore lack of Ren X Yamato fanfics prompted me to write this one. Sorry if it's shit though. (>_<)

A Hospital Visit

Ren threw his head back into the stiff pillow and sighed. It sucked being stuck in hospital recovering, while everyone else had been given 2-weeks suspension for fighting with Goda's crew. Bet they're all sneaking out having fun at pool and karaoke parlours everyday, he thought sourly as he sulked at the ceiling. It was so boring and everything smelled like bleach. Or was it disinfectant? Either way, he was getting restless and although he had been moved from ICU into a regular ward, he was the only occupant in that room, so there was no one else to talk to.

Worse, his sister visited everyday before work, fussing over him like a baby. How old did she think he was?! Thank God she didn't go so far as to give him daily sponge baths. That, he thought as he bit his lower lip in embarassment, would be more than his pride would be able to handle.

He heard the door slide open and he frowned. Speak of the devil.

"Aneki, you don't need to keep visiting me everyday."

"Everyday hey?" A familiar voice answered, a smirk as evident in its tone as it was on the owner's face.

"Yamato!" Ren sat up, his eyes wide in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

The boy swaggered into the hospital room, a metallic clink accompanying his every step from his boot chain. Despite being out of the Akadou uniform, Yamato still wore his trademark white reptile skin boots, but with a pair of dark jeans (probably vintage, Ren thought enviously) and a black tee shirt. Ren felt embarassed he had to wear the thin and uncomfortable light blue hospital robe. It made him feel almost naked next to his closest friend.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Yamato took in the fading bruises on Ren's face and lack of beeping machines to be a good sign his classmate was recovering well. His worried expression softened. "Just checking up on you. Got to make sure you're still alive, so Yankumi can grill your ass like she did the rest of us."

Ren couldn't help but laugh. The determined expression and passionate speech their homeroom teacher would've given the 3-D class wasn't too difficult to imagine. Still, if it hadn't been for him, Yamato and the others would not have gotten into so much trouble in the first place. A lecture was the least he deserved from that crazy teacher.

"So," Yamato said, as he straddled a stool to sit beside the bed. "You feeling better?"

"Yeah, but the stitches itched like Hell. I got Natsume-sensei to remove them. It'll be a great scar though. Check it out!" Ren grinned as he lifted his robe top, exposing the hand-length healing incision below his ribs to the top of his navel, where the surgeons went in to stop the internal bleeding. Natsume-sensei had explained that he might not have pulled through, if his friends had delayed getting him to the hospital.

Yamato frowned. "Does it still hurt?"

"Nah!" Ren grinned, gingerly poking the line with his fingers.

"... can I touch it?"

"Sure!" The answer slipped out before he considered it properly, but Ren nevertheless grinned goodnaturedly and held the top up with both hands.

Yamato tentatively reached out towards Ren's torso, hesitating a little before gently resting his fingertips on his friend's bare skin. It felt warm and soft, but the slight ridge of scar tissue was a little cooler. He felt the gentle rise and fall of Ren's stomach as he breathed, and his mouth went dry. Nevertheless, his fingers slowly traced the scar, stopping short of the dip of his bellybutton.

"That tickles." Ren breathed as he hurriedly swept Yamato's hand away and tugged the top back over his exposed torso. He tried to look occupied adjusting the sheet and blanket over his tummy, all the while avoiding Yamato's eyes. He was thankful he was not the blushing sort, sure the other boy would never let him live it down if his face revealed the rising turmoil inside.

Yamato on the other hand, tried not to allow the hurt show from being dismissed so abruptly. He leaned back a little to cross a leg over the other, before leaning forward to rest his forearms against the side of the bed. Ren looked up and arched an eyebrow, surprised Yamato would take so much liberty to assume he could get so close.

Yamato appeared uncomfortable, clearing his throat several times. "So..."

"So..." Ren answered, confused as to Yamato's akward behaviour. If anything could be said about Ogata Yamato, it would be he was always calm and collected. Whatever he was trying to say obviously was serious and it was unnerving Ren.

"Soooo... erm, you know..."


God, that boy is thick. Yamato thought with disgust, turning his head away from Ren. Couldn't that blonde streaked knucklehead tell yet? He knew Honjo and Ichimura had visited Ren a few days before, to tell him all the gory details of the fight and the punishment the class received from the school board. Including the fact he, Ogata Yamato - Mr Smooth and Cool - had been the one to lose his cool and led them into the fight... and that he would've killed Goda for what he had done to Ren, if it hadn't been for Yankumi.

"You know, you shouldn't have tried to protect me."

"Huh? When did I do that?" Ren pursed his lips as he tried to remember what he had done to warrant this non-apology.

Yamato swallowed the temptation to either yell at him to stop that or lean in closer.

"You know... when Goda was first beating the shit out of me. Before you... you know, got smashed with all those pipes."


"Yeah. I could've handled it."

This time, Ren shrugged. "It was nothing. You would've done the same if it were me."

"Yeah, I would've."

"Thanks though. For trying to get even with Goda. It wasn't right, but I appreciate the sentiment."


The two sat in silence, each wondering what the other was thinking. Wondering if the other knew how they felt.

"You'll be back in class with us in another week?" Yamato tried to ask casually.

Ren nodded and grinned brightly. "Yah, I should be discharged and ready for action! Why? You miss me?", he teased, reaching out to twist circles in Yamato's hair.

Yamato looked straight back at him, not a sign of amusement on his face.


Ren froze and his eyes widened in shock as the implication of Yamato's answer hit him squarely in the chest. His heart pounded painfully against his ribs, and somewhere in the back of his mind, he thanked god and the heavens the doctors had already taken him off the heart monitor.

"Look, you don't have to say anything." Yamato began, trying his best to sound as nonchalant as he could. The last thing he wanted was Ren's pity - or worse, ridicule - if he didn't feel the same way. "I just wanted you to know that I'll be there for you. You get better and I'll see you back in school."

Yamato quickly got up to leave, but Ren proved to be faster and grabbed Yamato's hand. Yamato stopped and looked down at Ren's hands, knuckles white from gripping him so tightly. It was almost as if Ren was trying squeeze as much emotion into his hand through osmosis as he could. But it was Ren's eyes that caught his heart in his throat. They seemed to searching Yamato's face for something, so he offered a small smile.

"You... you mean that?" Ren's voice wavered with emotion.

Yamato nodded and squeezed the other boy's hand back. Even if nothing else was said, this was enough for him for now. This was more than he imagined he would ever deserve and he was thankful for it.

"I'll see you in school." Yamato gave his hand another squeeze and this time, Ren let him go. With a brief nod, he turned and left, turning to give Ren one last smirk before sliding the door shut.

Ren chuckled and turned his attention back to the ceiling, this time with a soaring heart and something more to look forward to at school.

x-posted on jent_fanfics
12th-Jul-2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
OMG I LOVE YOU! I'm still out with the girls now and i have not watched ep 11 wtf D: so i'll read it as soon as i watch it the minute i get home later! *glomps you to death*
12th-Jul-2008 03:14 pm (UTC)
*LOL* Then hurry up and watch the episode! Then read this.

And tell me which communities I can pimp this out to.

By the way, sorry if it sucks, cuz I fail at fanfic writing and this hasn't been beta-ed at all.
12th-Jul-2008 04:39 pm (UTC)

Oh gawd episode 11 is like my DREAM gokusen episode since forever! D: I've SO been wanting to see EITHER of the main boys get beaten up so bad they end up hospitalized ever since Gokusen season 2 wtf!!!! *_____* oh gawd I'm seriously twister I KNEW something was gonna happen to Ren from the preview at the end of ep 10 and I'd been hoping SOOOO MUCH that it was true while waiting for the subs and it WAS TRUE!!!

AND I LOVES YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS! It was TOTALLY what I was hoping for in the hospitalization sense!!! *___*

Points though, Natsumi-sensei should be Natsume sensei. And the use of Yah makes it sound very singlish in those lines =\ Yeah is a better word to use I feel.

The Ren x Yamato fics I found previously were at jent_fanfics here. You could also try miura_haruma, hey_say and heysaybest.

I LOVE how your fic is the 3rd result on googling "kazama ren x ogata yamato" naos LOL

Bah...I wish Miura and Takaki get more roles for Dramas together naos *____*
12th-Jul-2008 10:11 pm (UTC)
You wished Miura would be beaten up and almost dying? (0_0) So cruel! Heh, it's one of the better episodes, with lots of Ren x Yamato fodder and the gap of 2 weeks is perfect fanfic opportunity. XD

Thanks for beta-ing it! I've made the amendments and edited a little more to include Ren circling Yamato's hair when he teases him. Gotta add that, since it's so cute! Hopefully it is less cringe-worthy. (^_^;)

This entry has now been pimped on jent_fanfics. \(^0^)/ The rest... I'm too lazy to have to join to post. But OMG! Why the hell is this entry the 3rd search result on Google?!?! (O_O)

Go beg Johnny to hire Miura. Confirm there'll be plenty of drama roles of them together. Heheheheh...
13th-Jul-2008 02:41 am (UTC)
Well...I was hoping more for Yamato to be beaten up and almost dying than Renbecause I like Uke Ren hurhurhur but I'll take whatever I can get XDDDDDDD

HAIR TWIRLING!!! <33!!!!! You left you a 'Yah' there though XDDDD

LOL!!! That just shows how little RenxYamato fics there are T_T

Meh...I wish =( He's too "old" to join Johnnys now I think...
13th-Jul-2008 07:54 am (UTC)
Right, if/when I write another fic, I'll bear that in mind and have an Uke Ren. XDDD Oh, and I'll remember to get you to beta it before I post it. :p

Don't worry, there's bound to be more RenXYamato fics sooner or later.
13th-Jul-2008 08:20 am (UTC)
Ack sorry i made a mistake. I like uke yamato not ren. ._.;

Maji de?! Yay! *glomps you to death*
12th-Jul-2008 10:31 pm (UTC)
um, um, um, um
13th-Jul-2008 08:06 am (UTC)
12th-Jul-2008 10:51 pm (UTC)
I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS. I was moaning the other day about how there is so little good G3 fic and then you post this and ohh. Wonderful. I love the bit with the scar, how it's so personal and the way you change the pov too to give us a chance to see the other side of the story. Just ahh. Gorgeous ♥ ♥
13th-Jul-2008 08:17 am (UTC)
Heh, thank you for the lovely comment! I'm glad others are reading this fanfic. And yah, I suck at sticking to just one POV and keep jumping from one to the other.
12th-Jul-2008 11:52 pm (UTC)
gingifere pointed me in this direction, and I'm extremely glad she did. This was so sweet, and the tension so high. I like that things don't progress much, that they're still not sure of each other and that they have to make do with what they can get, really.
13th-Jul-2008 08:21 am (UTC)
Heh, thank you for reading it and commenting! I was worried if fans might find this fic a little too tame compared to the other fics out there (ie. this fic is boring). I really wanted to wait till episode 12 is subbed, so I can see if I can work with it as a continuation. But we'll have to see. (^_-)-☆
16th-Jul-2008 09:03 am (UTC)
lovely ♥
17th-Jul-2008 05:59 am (UTC)
Thanks! (^_^)
16th-Jul-2008 12:30 pm (UTC)
yay!! thanks a lot!!! i was waiting for someone to make a fanfic out of the 11th episode. because i think the fact that ren was protecting yamato was tooooo adorable!!!

btw, love your fic =)
17th-Jul-2008 06:00 am (UTC)
Heh, it was the perfect fanfic opportunity and I am just glad that fans are enjoying this fic, as much as I did writing it. Thanks for commenting!
3rd-Oct-2008 01:20 pm (UTC)
Aww I seriously love this. I've been looking for RenxYamato fics all over the net and sad as it sounds, there's only a few written. So I'd love to read more from you, in case. XDDD

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