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Hungarian Langos and Lepeny 
4th-Jul-2008 11:18 am

The West End Markets has become a Saturday ritual, where we buy our fresh produce.

And maybe... just maybe...

Buy a langos or a lepeny.

If you have never had these, you NEED to taste these to understand how phenomenally awesome these Hungarian breads are. If any of you guys plan to visit, make sure you include a Saturday in your trip, so we can take you to have some.

Lepeny is a yeast bread, usually stuffed with cheese. The one at the markets have the option of spinach, mushrooms and other yum-yums. They are cooked on a hot plate with an old fashioned iron on top of them to flatten them.

Langos on the other hand, is fried and topped with sour cream, cheese and at the markets, other sauces. Including sweet chilli. *drools*

Now I need to get milk to make my own, cuz as much as they are orgasmically good, we can't afford AUD6-7 for one when the same amount of money would buy up 1 bag of potatoes, milk and eggs for a week.

So hungry.
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