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Chocolate cupcakes

The sky looked like it was constipated this morning and could barely muster a decent spit. It did a good job of hiding the sun and the result was a slate grey wash over everything.

By the time the clouds managed to push through and discharge its liquid contents in a proper shower, it was the end of a work day and I had made it safely home... though a little damp.

I promised a photo of these. I got hit with a chocolate craving, so baked these after dinner while Hell's Kitchen was on.

Chocolate cupcakes with a Morello cherry filling (the SO's mum gave us a whole full jar of them), laced with Absolut Vodka Ruby Red (the grapefruit flavour - the best Absolut flavoured vodka ever!) and topped with a dark chocolate Philly cream icing. I love making Philly cream icing, cuz it holds its shape really well. Unfortunately I don't have a bigger nozzle for my cake piper, or it would've looked a lot prettier. In this case, a butter knife would simply have to do.

So sinful, but oh so good.
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