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Zombie Walk 2008

When Hell is full, the dead will walk the earth

Zombie Walk (Brisbane) 2008 was a little later than planned, but it was awesome!
The SO insists we should dress up next year. (^_^;)

With special guest, Zombie Jesus!
Besides the Halo guy and zombie Lara Croft, Zombie Jesus must've been
one of the most popular zombies at the walk.

The walk started at Roma Street Parkland's Spring Hill side.
And I whinged that we were an hour early,
but apparently the undead rise pretty early and
the area was soon swarming with all sorts of zombies:
nurses... cripples.. babies... bikers... rollerskaters...
pirates... brides... nuns...
You name it, it was probably there.

Yummy toes...

Zombie Lara Croft and several other zombies kept the others
on the pathways as much as possible,
but it didn't stop several from 'attacking' cars and buses,
who all slowed down to gawk at the spectacle of almost 300 zombies
roaming the streets of Brisbane.
Most people were more than happy to laugh and
enjoy the effort that went into each creation.

But like everything, there's always an exception
and that exception was Starbucks, who had a security guard protecting
their pristine glass windows from the blood stained hands of the zombies.

The walk into the Valley took a good 40 minutes.
So the pit stop at the park up Brunswick Street was a good time to rest the feet a little.
If it wasn't for the drunkard, who was verbally assaulting everyone.
And the poor girl who had to taken away in an ambulance.
Apparently someone fell on top of her from the top of a shelter roof.

The after party at the Planet Nightclub was packed to the max!
And the sausages were really carbonised,
but it was still full of awesome!
Someone even brought their little pet rat.

So much awesomeness! And I wasn't even sleeping to dream about them. (^0^)/
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