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The SO promised birthday cake at Le Bon Choix in town, but I was curious about another French patisserie, Chouquette and suggested we drop by there instead on our way home from grocery shopping. Parking also wouldn't cost an arm and a leg out in the burb.

We found Chouquette without difficulty, once we got past the grind of weekend traffic through Brunswick Street. Nestled at the junction of Brunswick, Annie and Barker Street, it offered oodles of roadside parking in an old residential area.

But more importantly, was the food worth the trip?

Hell yeah! d(^_^)b

My birthday cake! It may be small, but it is mighty! (^0^)/
It is rich and sweet, without being sickeningly so. It certainly takes me back to the cafés of Paris. Champs-Élysées!

None too sweet and the apples were succulent, yet firm...
The SO certainly made a wise choice in making this selection.
The entire tart was apple - glazed apple slices topping a bed of apple chunks in a crumbly pastry tart shell.

Their display at 3pm is a testament to what they probably sell earlier in the day.
By the time we got there, there were 4 large macarons, 2 large tarts/quiches, 1 small tray of chocolate/vanilla/cafe éclairs, another of petits gâteaux, 1 cake and a small selection of pastries.
Nevertheless, one is still spoilt for choice. (^_^;)

In my attempt to save the best for last (ie. the chibi macaron), my slice of gâteau evolved into the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Manned by a French speaking staff, the service is friendly and quite happy to serve a warm cuppa alongside your chosen dessert. Be aware that if you try to order 'un café au lait' in French, they will ask if you prefer a flat white* or a latte.

Chouquette may only seat a maximum of 11 people inside its simple cafe, but it also houses their own inhouse bakery section next door. Customers can catch a glimpse of the inner workings from an inlaid window next to the window bar seats out by the entrance. No doubt it would be full-on in the crack of dawn, long before we would crawl from the warm safety of bed.

But fear not! We will certainly be back for the rest of the yummehs, including those crusty gorgeous loaves of rustic breads. (^_-)-☆

19 Barker Street
New Farm, QLD 4005
Closed Monday and Tuesday
Open 6:30am-6pm (Sun 6:30am-12:30pm)

* - Flat whites is a predominantly Aussie/Kiwi thing. They don't really exist anywhere else.

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