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Scarface, the possum 
25th-Apr-2008 10:19 am
Looking out onto our porch, there was a fuzzy ball perched on the corner of the railing.

"... honey, we have a visitor!"

And just so you know, that's thin wedges of fresh apple he's getting (yes, it's a he. The signs were kinda obvious).

As you can see, he's quite the nifty climber and check out that tail!

Oh, and this is why we call him Scarface.

Apparently he's got a fresh cut on the other side of his head that's scabbed up quite nicely. We'll be keeping an eye out for him.
25th-Apr-2008 05:41 am (UTC)
it's SO CUTE!!!! the second photo's really cute! and judging from the size of your hand, it's big too!! wah!! :DDDD
25th-Apr-2008 01:04 pm (UTC)
Think very over-grown squirrel and you'll get a vague idea of what possums are like. And while they may be cute, they do have sharp claws. Scarface just happens to be quite gentle with his... (^_^)
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