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Setting the record straight

That's the last time I'll drink 2 cups of chai before bed... (☆_☆)

This post will come off as whiny, but I should set the record straight.

Too many in Singapore have this impression that the land down under is this awesome wonderland Mecca of uber liberation, amazing weather and cheap booze. And in thinking that, they assume that my coming to Australia must be all fine and dandy. In fact, I should be bathing in milk and honey everyday, marinating like a spring chicken.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Don't get me wrong: I do love that I am now living in Australia, but a lot of the perks people point out are not that amazing.

Cheap booze?
... Wohoo! But I don't even drink once a week (the SO insists this will be rectified).

No capital punishment?
... erm... I don't intend on committing any federal crimes, thanks.

... not when shops close at 5pm everyday of the work week.

Brilliant weather?
... when it's summer and hits 40°C, then tell me again how amazing the weather is.

Higher wages?
... definitely, but so are taxes.

Polite people?
... yes, but they keep assuming I'm an Asian student and treat me as such (ie. a penniless blur cretin, incapable of speaking coherent English)

... sure, if you'd like to drive at least 20 mins outside the city (not that that's a problem in my book).

I'll admit that we certainly don't do too badly for ourselves here, but no, it's not perfect nor a charmed life here. And better is subjective.

It's just different with a new set of challenges.
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