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Cooking kangaroo

During our grocery trip to Woolies, we discovered some kangaroo fillets for sale. I wasn't sure about them, but the SO assured that it was very much like beef. That it is significantly cheaper per kg than any other meat was a big plus, so we picked up 2 300gm packs - plain and marinated in herbs and garlic.

Doesn't that look goooooood? (^_-)-☆

The meat is from Macro Meats - Gourmet Game. It's advertised as being more environmentally friendly than ranched meats, such as beef or mutton. Kangaroo meat apparently does not come from a farm, but from culling exercises. I really don't want to get into a debate of the merits and drawbacks of shooting animals to keep overpopulation in check, so we'll leave it at that for now.

The fillets smelt a little stronger than beef, but not in pungency as mutton. And the cut made the muscle look like strips than fillets.

With only 2% of fat, kangaroo should only be cooked to medium rare and no more. It would just get too dry and tough. I slapped them onto the Healthsmart Grill (I love this appliance so much) to cook for a couple of minutes and it turned out really good. We might get more next time we run into it. (^_^)
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