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When Singapore's first LUSH counter opened in Wisma Atria's Isetan, I tried their facemask and fell in love. So I was really disappointed when they ceased operations not long after, as I thought their product range had potential.

Discovering their store in Brisbane, my love was renewed and I would often stop to see what products they had in the window.
Their soaps would be piled like huge cheese wheels and giant chunks of chocolate.
Their facemasks were laid in large metal mixing bowls, buried in an ice bath.
Their buttercreams looked like blocks of fudge.
Their bubble bars resembled sweet bakery confections.

How could I not fall in love?

Granted you can smell their stores 10 metres before you see it, the products themselves are not that bad.

One of my first purchases was Hybrid, a solid shampoo bar. The concept of a shampoo bar was a little baffling to me, but it really took very little to lather up well and with its conditioning properties, I didn't need another product to condition my hair.

The SO doesn't understand the need to purchase slightly more expensive care products, so we used his AUD$2 bottles of shampoo and conditioner. But my scalp got very greasy and my hair felt dry, the kinks becoming more pronounced than ever.

So I fucked it and went back to LUSH. The latest purchase is Godiva and my hair has become tamer, softer and smells like jasmine. Jasssssssssmine... *swoons*

The SO was sceptical, but didn't mind that I bought a shampoo that's significantly more expensive than the stuff he's used to. Not after he tried to wash out some hair wax and the cheap stuff wasn't making a dent. He told me he used some of Godiva and so little of it lathered up to banish the wax. Take that, cheap shit!

Then a comment on Poupee for this product reminded me of another perk of solid shampoo bars: liquid restrictions on planes!

Now that's another reason to shop at LUSH. (^_-)-★
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