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Byron Bay

We drove up to Byron Bay. It was a good drive and traffic wasn't too bad. I chickened out of driving this time round, cuz New South Wales are more anal about their traffic rules than Queenslanders... or at least that's what the SO has had me believe. (^_^;)

We set off a little later than we initially planned, but the macaroni and cheese was taking a little longer to prepare than anticipated. The tomato and hardboiled egg salad was the easy part (a recipe I picked up in Antibes) and after loading up the car with the picnic bag, the adventure began.

Well, after all the sugarcane fields. Really, do we really need that much sugarcane? I mean, there aren't many sugarcane juice places here (really now, Australia, do you know how tasty sugarcane juice with a little lemon juice is? Why aren't you selling it everywhere, I don't know) and with the decline in sugar intake these days, there isn't such a big need for so much land to be wiped out for this crop. Might I suggest spaghetti trees instead?

A section of the road up to Byron's lighthouse has collapsed and the council had a sign up apologising for the natural disaster, citing they would be repairing it soon. I wonder if the people affected by the tsunami would've put up such a sign on their beaches, had the Byron Bay council been in-charge...

We had walked down the path to the most easterly point of Australia.
There were rainclouds in the distance
and we could see it depositing its load on different sections of the ocean.
Until the wind blew it our way.
Dashing up stairs and being assaulted by raindrops
on a cold wind hurts the ears.

But the beaches were gorgeous.

And the surfers were kinda cute.

I didn't bring a bikini, so explored the rock pools from the low tide. The black rocks were either slick with seaweed or jagged from the edges of barnacles. Wearing Birks protected my feet from any cuts and the heated rock. Mountain goat I am not, but I did manage to avoid getting my feet wet for the most part... until the only way to the other side of some rocks was through a large pool.

Damn, it was cold on the first soak!

There weren't any starfish to be found, but there were a couple of crabs and plenty of seasnails

I peeled one off the rocks and plonked into a little rock pool to watch it right itself.
The SO said it was like watching paint dry. (^_^;)

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