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Supernova on Saturday

You know how I sometimes complain of Cosfest and EOY in Singapore?

After attending my first Supernova, I will try to never complain of Cosfest/EOY ever again. Most skits and monologues during the cosplay competition were... well, my face looked like this most of the time --> (0_o)

Alright, it is a pop culture exhibition (since when was cosplay 'popular' culture?!) and 80% of the exhibition hall was dedicated to comics (English manga, DC and Marvel, etc) and games (PS2, XBox, Wii). In fact, lots and lots of comics. I didn't find anything I particularly liked, but there were a number of first editions of Batman, Superman, etc. Reckon all the collectors had a field day rummaging through all the boxes.

Oh! And they had 'pro' wrestling.

A lot of noise... not much action. (>_<)

Oh! And signings!

This is Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye from Firefly).

There were also James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi from Heroes) and Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk from the 80's). Unfortunately the queue and ticket line for signings were soooooo long!

But back to the cosplaying, there were:
  • Several Sailormoons! One had a Sailor Jupiter too and there was a Sailor Mars in her miko outfit
  • 3 Death Note's L
  • 2 One Piece's Luffy
  • 1 Batman with a huge cock piece (edit: alright, not cock piece... but you know what I mean, right? Right?)
  • Several Haruhi Suzumiya (but no dance! (^_^)b)

The really cute cosplays were the kids. So small and sooooo cute!

This little kid was soooo cute!
He had his own Sun Wukong (a slightly older kid),
who had to help him with his lines on stage.

And did I mention you could get free hugs too?

This guy is awesome!
I was actually squeeing when I saw him and dashed off to take his photo.
Oh, and the girl who did Sweeny Todd was awesome too.
But I didn't have the guts to go up to her.
I suck... (>_<)

And since we had planned at being at the event the whole day, I prepared lunch. It was xenalvr's first bento and she seemed stoked about it. (^_^)

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