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A Canine Visitor

Peanut is a 1 month and 1 week old Golden Retriver mix.
And yes, she's too young to be separated from her mom, but apparently some breeders are idiots.
Her first owner was an equal idiot.
He fed her rice and adult canned chow (which explains why she doesn't seem to have her round baby tummy or the sweet smell of puppy).
And couldn't stand her crying every night.

So gave her up.

The other sibling took her home for a couple of hours, while the parentals (most importantly, the mumster) went to the airport to pick up the sibling. Before a close friend (with a dog already) came to take Peanut home for good.

Peanut is cute
Peanut is very energetic.
Peanut likes cuddles.
Peanut doesn't like cars.
Peanut needs to learn not to bite hands or toes.

Here's hoping she has a lovely new home with a more experienced family.
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