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[Fic] A Lonely Christmas 
27th-Dec-2007 10:34 pm
Title: A Lonely Christmas
Author: night_child80
Pairing: Kame (Akame - suggested)
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: Don't own them, but I wish I did.
Summary: Kame is alone this Christmas, not from a lack of invitations.
Notes: Inspired by Kame's short interview on Sukkiri (24 Dec 2007) about Christmas. This is a one-off and my first fanfic, so I expect to suck. And to suck BAD.

A Lonely Christmas

The lock in the main door clicked and Kame sighed, allowing his bag to slip off his shoulder onto the apartment floor. He turned and pressed his back against the cool door, finding little comfort in the darkness.


His voice was hardly above a whisper. Afterall, the apartment was empty and cold. There was no one to answer or welcome him to his little-used apartment in Tokyo.

No one.

Why would anyone be here? Didn’t he already tell the drama crew he would be celebrating with his fellow KAT-TUN members?

“Kamenashi-san! Join us!” The stylist had called out as he sipped on the bottle of mineral water, marked with his name on masking tape. Everyone had been discussing where they would hold their Christmas party.

Kame found himself chuckling, but inclined his head slightly as if embarrassed. “Thank you so much, but I had already promised Akanishi-san and the others I would go to their party. Sumimasen!”

“Ah, sou… ” The stylist replied with a quick smile. “Perhaps next time, neh?”

Didn’t he tell his KAT-TUN members the drama crew had forced him to join them for a Christmas party?


He felt the familiar weight of Koki’s arm over his shoulder, as they walked away from the studio and another night of filming Cartoon KAT-TUN.

“Hmmm… nani?” He replied, casually flipped a lock from his eyes without slowing his pace.

Koki studied Kame's face, as if reading every weariness he felt inside… then sucked in a breath.

“Jin and I are planning a Christmas party at that club we went to the other time after work. We’re inviting everyone: some of the other guys, the crew, Oto-san… including Junno…” he added, with a mischievious grin. “You’re coming, right? We won’t take a ‘no’ for an answer.”

Kame smiled sadly.

“Sumimasen. The drama crew forced me to promise I would attend their Christmas party.”

As expected, Koki blinked several times in surprise and pouted. “But we planned this Christmas party for weeks! You HAVE to come! Who’s going to stop me from kicking Junno at the party?”

Kame laughed and patted Koki’s chest as he twisted himself from under Koki’s arm.

“I’m sure you will restrain yourself.” He replied with a wink. “Enjoy yourself, neh?”

Didn’t he refuse his family’s invitation to a Christmas dinner at home?

“Oka-san, how’s everyone?” He asked into his mobile as he navigated his way through the familiar studio corridors.

“Good! Everyone’s been busy with the Christmas shopping. How are you?”

“Good… good. Busy.”

“Gambette, neh? We are very proud of you.”

“Arigatou, oka-san.”

“Listen, if you have time, come home for Christmas, neh? We have a little family dinner. Your younger brothers will be coming.”

“… gomen, but I can’t. I have a lot of work during this time, but please enjoy yourself! Send everyone my love.”

“… don’t work yourself too hard, neh? Take care of yourself.”

“… I will. Ja ne.”

Why did he turn everyone down?
Now he was all alone.
In a chilly apartment.
With no Christmas tree.
And no cake in his fridge to celebrate the season with.

In the darkness, Kame navigated silently into his living room and pushed a button, before turning to the nearest window to pull back the curtain. The hopeful wail of John Lennon wishing the world a happy Christmas filled the silence.

Outside, bright coloured fairy lights flickered below. He could still see the odd couple, huddled together in happy embraces walking tightly to some unknown destination. Most likely warm and full of joyeous smiling faces.

And presents.

But there wasn’t anything in world he wanted more than the thing he couldn’t have.

Or really, the person he couldn’t have.

Because that person wasn’t there anymore. Not since they parted ways.

It did not matter that he returned.
It did not matter that they see each other almost every day.

It wasn’t the same.
It would never be the same.

So he preferred to spend Christmas alone. With his memories.

“Merry Christmas…” he whispered, hoping his well-wishes would find their way to that person. Wherever he was.

Outside, it began to snow.

Cross-posted on kattun_fanfics
27th-Dec-2007 04:53 pm (UTC)
This made me go 'aww'. :( I love this line the most -

It wasn’t the same.
It would never be the same.

and the reason is because it's true. =/
28th-Dec-2007 03:55 am (UTC)
Thanks for commenting!

And yes, but change is inevitable and nothing stays the same forever. (^_-)-☆
27th-Dec-2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
My heart hurts :(
I'm gonna cry. Kame<3
28th-Dec-2007 03:57 am (UTC)
Awww... I'm sorry for making your heart hurt. (>_<)
But thanks for your comment!
27th-Dec-2007 10:41 pm (UTC)

*hugs Kame* The eeediot. >>;;

Thank you for the fic, it was beautiful ^__^ <333
28th-Dec-2007 04:00 am (UTC)
Thank YOU for your lovely comment, especially as it's my first fanfic. (^0^)/
28th-Dec-2007 04:07 am (UTC)
Yeah welcome to the JE fandom =p You know you're hooked when you start writing fanfics ;p

Sorry if I don't read it though...I refuse to read Akame fics anymore =\

read the last few lines. WHO NEEDS CARSHRIMP WHEN HE CAN HAVE MOOBS FOR XMAS LOLOL!!! *gets bricked
28th-Dec-2007 04:28 am (UTC)
*collapses and whimpers in a corner*
I couldn't help it... Kame's interview was too... inspiring? gut wrenching?

It's ok. I KNOW you don't like Akame fics. Does it help that Jin isn't actually even mentioned, only suggested? ♪
28th-Dec-2007 04:49 am (UTC)
hurhurhur >D

Urgh thing is, I started out with Akame because of Gokusen 2. Then Pi took over completely and I stopped tolerating carshrimps =X
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