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BPAL- Review List


  • Hungry Ghost Moon [review] - Offerings of ginger candy, sugar cane, smoky vanilla and rice wine mingle with a ghost’s perfume of white sandalwood, ho wood, ti, white grapefruit, crystalline musk and aloe. This scent is tapered by the presence of seven herbs, woods and resins used in the purification of the spirit and the purging of earthly concerns from the soul.

  • Khajuraho [review] - honey, date palm, tuberose, davana blossom, amber, white sandalwood, vanilla bean, Damask rose, and champaca flower

  • ARCHANGEL WINTER [review] - Crystalline, glassy ice whipped by a snowstorm. Piercing ozone, winter darkness.
  • JÓLASVEINAR 2007 [review] - Their scent is a mishmash of snow, dirt, Icelandic moss, marsh felwort, and the smushed petals of buttercups and moorland spotted orchids, with the barest hint of the scent of pilfered Christmas pastries.
  • MIDWINTER'S EVE 2007 [review] - A melancholy, deep scent, poignant and brimming with nostalgia. The perfume of sugared plums over a breeze of winter flowers.
  • SNOW WHITE 2007 [review] - A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.


  • WHEN THE WINTER CHRYSANTHEMUMS GO [review pending] - A gentle flurry of snow dusting the season's last chrysanthemums, illuminated by pale rays of winter's amber-tinted sunlight.
  • EVENING CICADAS AND RED PEPPERS [review pending] - Frost-limned, ice-bejeweled branches, scattered blood-red maple leaves, a few camellia petals, red peppers, and nacreous, multi-colored musks that shimmer like gently-beating cicada wings.
  • PET MAGAH BIRD [review pending] - A prism of scent, an explosion of multi-colored feathers: blood orange, black plum, sugar cane, guava, frangipani, coconut, pimento berry, violet, caramel, and pear.


  • WOODS IN WINTER [review pending] - Wild hemlock and juniper berries scattered in the snow beneath leafless trees bedecked with glittering icicles.


  • THE CHINESE DANCE [review pending] - Green and black tea, King mandarin, violet, blackcurrant, and wormwood.
  • KLARA [review pending] - Honey dusting powder, mandarin, iris, ylang ylang, tea rose, and carnation.


  • THE CHAINED PHANTOMS [review pending] - Purgatorial wretchedness and despair: ice-limned white wine grape, balsam of peru, and chamomile
  • THE FIRST OF THE THREE SPIRITS [review pending] - Shimmering white amber, voluminous vanilla, white musk, zdravetz, and summer flowers.
  • A GOLDEN IDOL [review pending] - Glittering gold and loss beyond understanding: antiqued amber, English lavender, vetiver, and tea rose.
  • CHANGING THE SHADOWS [review pending] - The dawning of hope and the blossoming of charity: vanilla, orange blossom, white sandalwood, mate, red tea, and carnation.
  • WHOOP [review pending] - Golden sunlight and sweet fresh air brightening a Heavenly sky on Christmas Day: crisp winter air, shimmering amber, sweet honey, with a touch of pumpkin pie, pine cone, cranberry, and bayberry.

  • Maiden [review] - A gentle vision of purity, goodness and virtue: white tea, carnation and Damask Rose.
  • Delight [review here] - Frangipani, with rose, tuberose, and jasmine.
  • The Lady of Shalott [review here] - The scent of calm waters just before a raging storm, limned with achingly-beautiful blooms, an icy scent, but somehow warm, and mirror-bright: bold gardenia, crystalline musk, muguet, water blossoms, clear, slightly tart aquatic notes and a crush of white ginger.
  • Queen of Sheba [review] - Golden honeyed almonds and a whisper of African and Middle Eastern spices
  • Le Serpent Qui Danse [review] - Violet entwined with vanilla and gardenia.
  • Rapture [review] - Moroccan rose, Sumatran rose, mandarin, Egyptian myrrh, night-blooming jasmine, bergamot and neroli thrust into Arabian musk.
  • O [review] - Amber and honey with a touch of vanilla.
  • Muse [review] - A light, invigorating floral and citrus blend. Tuberose, lotus and jasmine with a hint of lime.

  • Dragon's Tears [review] - Bittersweet yet powerful: salty aquatic notes and bursting with dragon's blood.



  • Blood Pearl [review] - Lustrous, sanguine, soft and lavish: soft orris, blood musk, and coconut.
  • Dana O'shee [review] - Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains
  • Ozymandias [review] - Dry desert air, dry and hot, passing over crumbling stone megaliths and plundered golden monuments, bearing a hint of the incense of lost Gods on its winds
  • The Raven [review] - Violet and neroli mingled with iris, white sandalwood and dark musk.
  • Tavern of Hell [review] - White gardenia, ambergris bouquet, lavender fougere, orange blossom, melissa, tobacco flower, coriander, ebony wood, ylang ylang, absinthe and aged whiskey.
  • Tempest [review] - A crisp ozone-tinged breeze. The scent of the first gentle rain before the storm.
  • Wilde [review] - A sophisticated traditional gentleman’s cologne, with just the slightest taint of patchouli’s passion, tonka bean’s decadence, the philanthropy of bergamot, moss’ cynicism, the sharp wit of lavender, and the hopeless romantic longing of jasmine and thyme
  • Ultraviolet [review] - Lush violet and neroli spiked hard with eucalyptus and a sliver of mint.
  • Queen [review] - For use only by women. An extremely potent passion blend, used to great effect when you're converting feminine sexual energy into power.
  • Bess [review] - rosemary, orange flower, grape spirit, five rose variants, lemon peel, and mint.
  • Schrodinger's Cat [review] - A paradoxical scent experiment! - tangerine, sugared lime, pink grapefruit, oakmoss, lavender, zdravetz, and chocolate peppermint.
  • Delirium [review] - Non compos mentis, indeed! A contrary, conflicted scent, bubbling with merry madness. Contains apple, rose, and lemon.
  • Bewitched [review] - Deep, luscious green and berry scents that evoke images of woodland witchcraft and the raw power of nature: blackberry, sage, green tea, wild berries and dark musk.
  • Fire of Love [review] - A catalytic, potent love oil used to spark (or rekindle) the flame of desire between lovers.
  • Follow Me Boy [review] - This blend is favored by prostitutes, exotic dancers and others in the sex industry for its power to attract, seduce, and enthrall. Ensures financial gain and increased profits.

  • Burial [review] - Deep, brooding forest scents, including juniper and patchouli.

  • Nephilim [review] - Holy frankincense and hyssop in union with earthy fig, defiled by black patchouli and vetiver, with a chaotic infusion of lavender, cardamom, tamarind, rosemary, oakmoss and cypress.
  • Kitsune-Tsuki [review] - Asian plum, orchid, daffodil, jasmine and white musk.
  • Phantom Queen [review] - Black orchid, apple blossom, meadowsweet, and rue over Irish moss, hawthorn and red clover.
  • Hellcat [review] - hazelnut, buttercream, honey mead, rum and sweet almond.
  • Wicked [review] - rich myrrh and jasmine draped in the subtlest rose

  • Coyote [review] - The warmth of doeskin, dry plains grasses and soft, dusty woods warmed by amber and a downy, gentle coat of deep musk
  • Eos [review] - softly glowing skin, jasmine, buttercup and honeysuckle
  • Nemesis [review] - Cypress, ginger, fig, dried rose, red patchouli, tonka bean and cyclamen.
  • Thalia [review] - Plumeria, pear and white champagne
  • Thaleia [review] - Honey, ylang ylang, apricot, ciste, blood orange and gardenia with earthy, warm tonka
  • Olokun [review] - the glorious, unknowable gloom of the ocean floor.
  • Pele [review] - muguet and Hawaiian white ginger enveloped by warm, damp tropical blooms.
  • Sophia [review] - lavender, soft musks, star jasmine, black rose, delphinium, and gentle spice.
  • Utrennyaya [review] - Osmanthus, Damascus rose, violet, delphinium, white mint, palmarosa and white sandalwood
  • Nuit [review] - Dazzling white musks, white rose and night-blooming jasmine with the soft moss of moonlit meadows, a waft of Egyptian incense, and a gentle breath of moonflower.
  • Megaera [review] - Orris, black amber, bergamot, plum and grapefruit


  • Hermia [review] - Pink pepper, golden amber, honeysuckle, and passion flower.
  • Rosalind [review] - Dew-covered berries and fresh green grasses with a faint breath of spring flowers.
  • Queen Gertrude [review] - Imperial violet softened by wisteria and chrysanthemum, but edged with the regal iciness of delphinium
  • Viola [review] - Gentle tea rose, lilac, Calla Lily, and Somalian Rose layered over golden Peruvian amber, Spanish moss, red sandalwood, rosewood, and myrrh, with the lightest touch of Mandarin.



  • Nyarlathotep [review]- This is the blackest of ritual incenses charged with flashes of ozone.
  • R'Lyeh [review] - A hellishly dark aquatic scent, evocative of fathomless oceanic deeps, the mysteries of madness buried under crushing black waters, and the brooding eternal evil that lies beneath the waves.


  • The Lilac Wood [review pending] - Ageless trees, everblooming flowers, brilliant grass, and soft shadows.
  • The Last Unicorn [review pending] - Frosty lilac petals, iris pallida root, orris, violet leaf, white chocolate, coconut, wild lettuce, white sandalwood, and oakmoss.
  • The Butterfly [review pending] - Fuzzy brown tonka bean, golden amber, bergamot, and petitgrain.
  • The Midnight Carnival [review pending] - Cruelty and confinement, small magics and penny illusions: galbanum, teak, myrrh, narcissus, patchouli, cacao, labdanum, agarwood, lavender, neroli, and black moss.
  • The Ninth Cage [review pending] - A claustrophobic blend of iron and oak.
  • Arachne of Lydia [review pending] - Soft brown and Tyrian purple: dusty clove and blackcurrant.
  • Mommy Fortuna [review pending] - Honey, gunpowder, and pleonectic, twopenny magics.

  • The Lion [review] - A golden, spiced amber, proud, regal and ferocious
  • Jabberwocky [review] - Pine, eucalyptus and orange
  • Mouse's Long and Sad Tale [review] - Vanilla, two ambers, sweet pea and white sandalwood.
  • White Rabbit [review] - Strong black tea and milk with white pepper, ginger, honey and vanilla, spilled over the crisp scent of clean linen.
  • Queen of Hearts [review] - Lily of the Valley, Calla Lily, stephanotis and a drop of cherry.
  • The Unicorn [review] - wispy linden blossoms, white flowers, and a touch of sweet herbs
  • The Dormouse [review] - A dizzying eddy of four teas brushed with light herbs and a breath of peony.
  • Tweedledee [review] - Kumquat, white pepper, white tea and orange blossom.
  • Tweedledum [review] - Green mango, fig, patchouli and green tea.
  • Alice [review] - Milk and honey with rose, carnation and bergamot.
  • Croquet [review here] - Pink lime, pink grapefruit, white nectarine, wild rose, sage, woody patchouli, bergamot, and ornery hedgehog musk.

  • Dirty [review] - A fresh, crisp white linen scent: perfectly clean, perfectly breezy.
  • Lust [review] - Red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh
  • Penitence [review] - frankincense and graceful myrrh.
  • Magdalene [review] - A bouquet of white roses, labdanum, and wild orchid.
  • Cathedral [review] - Venerable and solemn: the scent of incense smoke wafting through an ancient church. A true ecclesiatical blend of pure resins
  • Greed [review] - Base and earthy, yet glittering with golden notes: patchouli, heliotrope, copal and oakmoss.

  • No. 93 Engine [review] - Balm of Gilead, benzoin, frankincense, balsam of peru, beeswax, saffron, galbanum, calamus, hyssop, mastic, lemon balm, and white sage.


  • Cockaigne [review] - milk and honey, sweet cakes and wine.
  • Manhattan [review] - Sheer amber, black leather, white mint, lemon peel, white tea, grapefruit, kush, teakwood and orchid
  • Niflheim [review] - Dark, damp blossoms winding through an impenetrable, murky gloom.
  • Paris [review] - Lavender, softly underscored by lotus and spice
  • Shanghai [review] - The crisp, clean scent of green tea touched with lemon verbena and honeysuckle.
  • Sybaris [review] - Bright violet with sweet clove, Mediterranean spice notes and tonka bean.
  • Tombstone [review] - A rugged, warm blend of vanilla, balsam and sassafras layered over Virginia cedar
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