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The great snake hunt

The SO buzzed me at work to let me know my dad brought home a snake. Apparently as a new pet.

A real breathing slithering snake... 0_o

The SO had to take photos to chase the disbelief I obviously felt.

I have nothing against snakes (they are gorgeous creatures), but the idea of keeping one that looks as unhappy as this was furtherest from my mind. My immediate demands were that it be given water, and maybe a small bag of tiny frogs (easily purchased from local aquarium shops). And a trip to the nearest catchment area to release it over the weekend.

And thanks to the internet, we identified it as a common house snake.

When the SO and I got home from work, I looked into the terrapin tank my dad had set up.

... and kept peering...

"Erm... Dad?! It's not here!!!"
"Sure it is. It's there."
"... no, it isn't! It's not here."
"... shit... "

Thus began the great snake hunt with torches among our shoes and sneakers.

... and no. We didn't find it.

Guess who is going to wear open-toed shoes for quite awhile...
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