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Death Note 2: The Last Name review

Death Note 2: The Last Name
I know it is immensely difficult to translate a comic/manga/book on the silver screen, but if it can't be done, I'd really rather they didn't even try.

They made a good effort merging the original ending from the manga with the alternative ending for the movie, but honestly, Raito/Light killing his father was out of character. While he was insanely focused on dishing out the ultimate justice, it was always obvious that Raito/Light cared deeply for his family. Killing his father was just wrong.

L... *sigh*. I wish they didn't make him out to be such a clown. L's character has always been cool and never revealed his emotions as easily. And why oh why did he have to kill himself off by writing his own name in the Death Note?! That was the silliest plot twist ever.

Misa was the only character I thought was well done in this sequel movie. Erika Toda's portrayal was quite accurate to the manga's character. Her unwavering devotion to Raito/Light was humorous and the way she whined was perfect, just as I would've imagined from the manga. Plus her wardrobe and room were awesome! I think the doll she had in the glass case beside her vanity table is a Volks Olivia, but I may be wrong. The other 2 dolls by her chair look like the artist dolls from a book I saw once in Kinokuniya.
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