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[Doll] Halloween meet

To everyone who turned up at the Halloween meet at the Swan Lake gazebo today, thank you very much for coming! It was fun meeting people old and new to the local BJD scene. I do apologise if I didn't get the chance to speak with each and every one for very long, or if I might have unintentionally offended anyone, but your company is very much appreciated.

And to those who made contributions to the potluck, here's an even bigger thank you! It wouldn't have been possible without your generousity. Thank you thank you thank you!

I didn't manage to get a shot of everyone, but the number of photos to be sorted is... well, mind boggling. I definitely overdid it. ^_^;;;

If I got any names or moulds wrong, please let me know. I will try to amend as quickly as possible.

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aramaki_tokio's Ashlay (DoC Bee-a)

raydance's River (DoC Bee-a)

ivoryfox's Hajime

ivoryfox's wide-eyed Shizuka (CP Soo). Her open smile is soooo sweet!

loveiscrime's Masaki (Angelregion Kai)
I'm so disappointed none of my photos of loveiscrime's CR Moon turned out decent. *pout*

sho_no_sekai's Shin (CP Shiwoo) in a sexy uniform

blue_meddy's little Drusilla (DoD Tender Bee-a)

blue_meddy's big Drusilla (Dollsoom Dillui)

blue_meddy's little Drusilla (DoD Tender Bee-a) and gothiquelolita's sweet little Ai (Volks Toppi)

gothiquelolita's Ai (Volks Toppi) again. I wanna kidnap her! ^_^

shuui's candy pink Aoi (Volks Maria)

gothiquelolita's hot hot HOT Hayate (SD13 Boy Lucas)

shuui's Naoya (Volks Sch A) channeling L'arc~en~ciel's Hyde's spirit

Need a light?

rinuchiha's Chun-Choo the Hwarang (Dollshe Afghan LE)

rinuchiha's Sakuya (CP tanned El) as a mummy

schizocheese's Sil (Latidoll K)

rinuchiha's little sweetie Lati

raydance's River and ivoryfox's Hajime

starsthatshine's Ryo (Volks MSD Tsubaki)

dodgerscrubs's Minwoo (DoD Too)

dodgerscrubs's Estel (DoD Bee-A)

akiko_87's Natsumi

akiko_87's Matsuri

sassystrawberry's cutiepie Harmony (Volks Suzuna)

zenith_crimson's Fraud (Hound) as a Chinese vampire. This costume wins hands-down!

zenith_crimson's Cianshir (CH Unique Jun)

yagamijo's Nian Xue (Dolkot Kiss)

sassystrawberry's uber sexy Auriel (Volks Olivia). Thank you for bringing him, Steph! He is so so soooooo gorgeous in the... flesh? Resin?

sassystrawberry's stunning Charity (Volks Sch C). Her faceup is absolutely stunning!

averseofmelody's smexy Ryan (CP Breakaway El)

averseofmelody's Junki (CP Nanuri). Thank you for bringing him, averseofmelody! It was great to look at his sculpt up close and compare with other CP heads.

averseofmelody's Yuuta (Dollsoom Namu)

mori_m's CP ani

puddingneko's Kai (DOC Hoo)

mori_m's Naiya (DoD Twing-key)

kamimura's Akito (Volks FCS 17)

evil_citrus's Eithne (Sooah)

kiradyn_rhiode's mysterious Xar (CP El) and sho_no_sekai's antisocial Kiyo (Volks SD-13 Show)
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