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Air Gear colourbars

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Kogarasumaru team

Minami Itsuki is babyface "Wind Road" love.

Wanijima Akito is double personality love.

Wanijima Agito is "Fang King" love.

Mikura Kazuma is jetspeed love.

Onigiri is super-pervert love.

Buccha is tank love.

The Noyamano Family/Sleeping Forest

Noyamano Ringo is patient giving love.

Noyamano Mikan is torture love.

Noyamano Shiraume is puppet mechanic love.

Genesis Team

Simca is cock-tease love.

Spitfire is flamin' love.

Behemoth Team

Udo Akira is Behemoth love.

Bandō Mitsuru is punch love.

Goshogawara Fumei is contortionist love.

Mimasaka Ryo is seductress love.

Sano Yasuyoshi is physics-nerd love.

Other Opponents

Magaki is skull love.

Other Characters

Wanijima Kaito is dominant master love.

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