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Baybeats: Yesterday and Today 
16th-Jul-2006 01:25 am


They have yet to disappoint. And Rizman Putra (vocalist) sure knows how to put up a show that's hard to forget.

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They started with 'Swinging Arms' and got the crowd cheering. Hard not to when Rizman did a little breakdancing in his pink sequin top and red kitten heel mules.

But he's not the only piece of eyecandy, of course.

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That's right, baby... *licks chops*

It was entertaining, fun and an amazing set. People were bopping along to the music and some swaying their arms to the beat. And cheers reasonated after every song. That's how good it was.

Unfortunately the same can't be said about tonight's bunch of bands. lucentstreak, tvjames and I caught a couple of sets: Hear Me Toby, Furniture and Plainsunset.

Hear Me Toby has a pretty darn cute bassist (?) girl band member, but both they and Furniture had their drums up too loud. Their lyrics were drowned out.

Plainsunset... well, they've been around 7 years now and have a large following. Poor security had to watch the crowd surfers at their arena. And they had to issue an announcement to the fans to stop violence before they played their last song... to which they got a bunch of wankers chanting 'fuck you' at them. Lovely stuff...

Oh, and we smelt weed in the air. Where do these kids get the money for that sort of thing?
15th-Jul-2006 06:30 pm (UTC)
oo you where there!!!!

16th-Jul-2006 02:39 am (UTC)
yup yup, we got seats on the top stairs right in front of the DJ booth. where were you guys??
16th-Jul-2006 03:13 am (UTC)
at the back standing. and we could only see his green pants ^^|||||
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