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Ouran High School Host Club colorbars 
17th-Jun-2006 12:51 am
I was bored and made these. Should I post them in a colorbar community (they're not very nice though)?

Feel free to take and host on your own Photobucket/hosting account. Just copy the HTML in the text box provided.

Host Club Members (characters only)

Haruhi is androgenous love.

Haruhi is tolerant love.

Tamaki is prince-type love.

Tamaki is drama-mama love.

Kyoya is shadow king cool-type love.

Mori-sempai is wild-type love.

Hunny-sempai is shota-type love.

Hunny-sempai is childish child-like love.

Hitachiin twins are devil-type love.

Hitachiin twins are taboo love.

Hikaru is hot-tempered possessive love.

Kaoru is match-making giving love.

Baby Hitachiin twins are mischievous cute love.

White Lily aka Zuka Club members

Benio Amakusa is butch leading-'man' love.

Chizuru Maihara is leading-lady love.

Hinako Tsuwabuki is supporting-cast love.

Supporting cast (characters only)

Renge is otaku manager love.

Beelzenef is voodoo doll love.

Umehito Nekozawa is creepy black magic love.

Ryouji Fujioka is bisexual daddy love.

Ranka is cross-dressing love.

Takaouji Shirou is impertinent naughty love.

Kamishiro Hina is music long-distance love.

Kirime Nekozawa is ailurophobia adoring love.

Kuretake is goth maid love.

Komatsuzawa Akira is ambitious gossip love.

Sonoda Misuzu is roof-top dancing pension-owner love.

Ouran girls are pervert paying love.

Arai-kun is grocery delivery rejected junior high love.

Yasuchika Haninozuka is anti-cake freaked-out love.

Souga Kazukiyo is cowardly love.

Casanova is human blizzard love.

Sendou Tetsuya is grateful love.

Tamaki's grandmother is bitch-hag love.

Suou Yuzuru is trapped love.

Ootori Yashio is 'hostile take-over' love.

Eclair Tonnerre is spyglass love.


Hunny X Mori are MOE love.

18th-Jun-2006 01:09 pm (UTC)
No problem! :)
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