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Don't say that, uncle!

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After a night of sex-talk and psycho-analysis at Shaw House's MacCafe, claryce & I shared a cab home (I love having friends who live nearby) at 1:30am.

During the cab ride, we had discussed the events of the evening, stopping occassionally to tell the cab driver which road would be fastest to get to our destination. We said goodnight to each other when she got dropped off first.

But the cab driver will not be ignored!!!

The minute claryce closed the cab door, the driver said the most disturbing thing I have ever heard coming from the mouth of a complete stranger, who has the responsibility of seeing you home.

"I like driving pretty girls like you."


Wah lau!!! Do you know how much I wanted to smash the window and crawl out of that cab for my dear life?! You don't say that kind of thing to a girl who is alone in a vehicle with you at 1:45am, can?!

I must have replied with the longest, most freaked-out 'ok' in the history of humanity, cuz he then proceeded to explain how he had just came from depositing his last passenger at a police station for being a weirdo.


And what made it worse was that he was crawling down the road at 20-30 kmph, so he could chat with me.

Wah lau!!! Why me?! I just want to get home and sleep in my bed.

For those who remember the Japanese English lesson video, here's the Silent Library in Part 1 and Part 2.
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