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Let's take a long walk: exploring the city on a Sunday 
24th-Apr-2006 04:19 pm
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You're here, I'm pleased... I really dig your company...
Let's take a long walk...

The mumster has been complaining that I'm getting fat. So when tvjames asked what we wanted to do, I asked if it was ok we took a walk around Singapore's banking sector. To explore and take photos... just for the heck of it.

We started at Clarke Quay and headed towards the bars across the street. The last time I was in that area was when a bunch of us went to Liquid Room and decided to grab some roti prata for supper. I never realised how many bars, pubs and clubs there were in the area, and some of the names are pretty damn funny.

By the time we hit the banking sector...

No crowds. No people. Every shop shut. Even McDonald's.

Très tranquille...

As we walked past Fullerton, we were reminded how wedding dinners cost S$1.7k minimum a table and cringed.
Then again, some people don't blink at spending S$15-18k for an engagement ring. *tries hard not to faint*

The rain hadn't banished the cloud cover and from across the river, we could hear a band belting out recent pop tunes. The tide was low, but the smell of the river hadn't begun to assault the air. Everywhere we looked, there were young families pushing baby prams... and chefs.

The Piper Heidsieck Champagne Brunch featuring Norwegian Seafood of the World Gourmet Summit 2006 was being held at Old Parliament House.

Women in bright cocktail frocks waved champagne flutes as they pawed the hairy arms of expat chefs, cackling and hooting like drunken donkeys. Everywhere you turned, you could see people being air-kissed on the cheek, like at those fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan.

Très chic...

We stumbled upon the Arts House, the former Parliament House and Singapore's first Court House.

Climbing the red carpetted wooden stairs, it was fun to explore the various exhibits.
Some depicted the history of the building's architecture. Others reminded of Singapore's legislative history, including the country's past Chief Justices.

There was no telling what was behind each door.
We stepped into the old Parliament room, the stiff faux leather seats and dank air testiment to history in the making.
Stunned in awe.
Slightly creeped out by the raw energy sitting quietly in such quiet.

The little cafe/restaurant behind the stair called Earshot... looked comfortable and quiet. Several walls were covered with shelves heavy with books, and side cupboards had magazines scattered across the tops.

Must remember to stop by there again sometime...

But what was the most fun was the 'Dolls of Japan' exhibit (top photo).
The Gosho Ningyo, or Imperial Palace dolls were so cute! There was always something new to see. No detail was spared and the materials used for the costumes were exquisite. Even the Kokeshi dolls were quite elaborate, some etched with peach blossom patterns and painted in rich colours.

The only trouble was the security guard, who watched us like criminals.

We watched a bit of cricket out on the Padang from the top stair of the Supreme Court. Then watched an old man paint the Supreme Court building.

Starbucks at Raffles City was around the corner and we felt peckish. The quiches have gotten smaller and more expensive.

And some Korean girl at the next table kept coming round to ask tvjames for help with her English homework from the British Council. She kinda ignored me, which was meh... guess she must've thought that since my skin colour was the same as hers, I wouldn't be much help.

If only she knew that I sometimes have to help tvjames with spelling and draft letters.

Me: "If I couldn't speak much English, like that girl, would you still date me?"
tvjames: "I need to talk to my partner, so no."
Me: "Really?"
tvjames: "Yah, maybe that's where I screwed up. You won't stop talking."


And concluded our walk with these at La Viva: a Kinky Martini and a Lucy Lu.

Mmmmm... lychees....

The bartender was nice, despite only having opened the place when we got there. Guess that's why there was so much alcohol in those martinis.

So... what have you guys been up to recently?
24th-Apr-2006 06:49 pm (UTC)
is the dolls of japan exhibition worth a visit all the way to the arts house? I saw an ad for it sometime last month and made a mental note to drop by if I can... :)
25th-Apr-2006 01:37 am (UTC)
it's not bad, but small. there're probably only about 30 dolls in the exhibit, spread over 2 areas: in front of the box office and on the foyer on the 2nd floor. you're not allowed to take photos too. i got reprimanded by the security guard. *grumbles*
25th-Apr-2006 04:22 am (UTC)
The same old things.
26th-Apr-2006 04:25 am (UTC)
25th-Apr-2006 04:15 pm (UTC)
hm.... school work stress... thank god all will be over in the span of the next 2 days.

it's been so long since i've spent time walking around and just taking in the city. i should do tt sometime.
26th-Apr-2006 02:49 pm (UTC)
2 days ain't that bad. then you should PAR-TAY!!!
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