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If schools ban...

If schools can ban certain bras, do you think:
  1. They might ban coloured underwear for guys from white-pants schools?
  2. They might ban tampons to preserve their students' hymens and therefore, their 'virginity'?
  3. They might ban piercings, such as nipple/belly-button or the Prince Albert?

And do spot checks for these?

Seriously, using the excuse that coloured bras are distracting to male teachers and thereby, 'punishing' female students for their supposedly older & wiser male teachers for their indiscretions is like saying a woman who is wearing a mini-skirt is asking to be raped and therefore, should be told to remove the skirt immediately.

It's one step for school administrations, and one giant free-fall into the earth's core for common sense.

OK, that's enough from me now.

In other news, xenalvr has some very awesome pictures from Australia's Mardi Gras. *sigh* I miss the fun that can be had there.
*pokes her Anata to quickly pick a date*
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