February 16th, 2011


Have you heard of us before?

I was walking towards work with my headphones on, when I'm approached by two young men - dressed in crisp white shirts, black ties and pants. Thinking they might be lost...

Me: *took off my headphones*
Man 1: "Hi, sorry to interrupt you."
Man 2: "Yah."
Me: "No problem..."
Man 1: "We are from a missionary."
Me: "Oh... right. Look, I already have a religion."
Man 2: "Oh. OK."
Man 1: "Oh, well, we're mormons. Have you heard of us before?"
Me: (you're kidding me, right?) "Yah, I have, but I'm Catholic and it's not like I can change my religion, so good luck!"
Man 1: "Alright, thanks."
Man 2: "Thanks."

My expression as I walked away and slipped my headphones back on: .... /(o_O)\