December 21st, 2010


Laneway Markets in the Valley

I regret we haven't been able to participate in the Valley Fiesta 2010 as much as I'd like. Especially as it saw the launch of new markets: Valley Laneway Markets

And a city can never have too many markets. It's fertile breeding ground for artistic enterprise and makes for some of the most exciting shopping experiences for the average consumer.

Ala me. (^_~)-☆

Contemporary meets new age, grows up with retro, hops into bed with rock and roll, and grows old with vintage. Whatever you didn't know you love - it's all there.

And that's what I found at Love St's stall.

Owner Tara had been strutting Bakery Lane and as we waited for coffees from the coffee van, I couldn't take my eyes off her and the dress she had on. It was simple, elegant and screamed summer louder than Jaime Lee Curtis in Halloween.

So I bought it. Now to await for some sunshine, so I can wear it to the beach.
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