December 13th, 2010


Christmas list

It gets annoying when people insist that you should only receive presents and not cash. I am Chinese, so I will not be offended if you offer me money (preferably wrapped in red packets). In fact, I prefer it, cuz that way, there's no chance of being given a crappy gift that I will have to pretend I like to make you the gift giver feel better, which makes me feel bad cuz I'm a crap actress.

Not to mention, we have enough stuff around the house. And the stuff I really really want are expensive enough that I don't want someone to buy for me.

So for the benefit of some, in no particular order:
  • Money towards prescription sunglasses - cuz I wear glasses and wearing sunnies on top of them to drive gets annoying.
  • Money towards the Europe trip 2011 - cuz it'll cost a bomb and funds are always welcome.
  • Money towards another pair of shoes from Children of the Revolution/Birkenstock - cuz my other pair from almost 4 years ago will need replacing
  • Money towards KitchenAid mixer (preference for it in Boysenberry, Blue Willow or Gloss Cinnamon)

There's always Paypal *eyebrow wriggle*:
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