November 19th, 2010


[Daily life] Fit me in

  • Brisbane's weather is warming up lovely, which means it'll be a hot summer. But what's with all this wind?

  • I went to Photo Continental to pick up some craft supplies, including a couple of clear stamps, decorative punches and of course, eyelets.

    Rummaging through craft bins gives me the same shivers tasting amazing food or finding that perfect dress/blouse gives a foodaholic or shopaholic.

  • I'm back to cycling to work. Yay! My thighs are complaining and I'm back on the hunt for a decent shower at work that (a) isn't half the size of a broom closet, (b) has had someone scrub the scum off the shower head from last summer, and (c) isn't a mile from my office block.

  • I've been listening to KATTUN's 'Change Ur World' album. Everything sounded fine till Nito Man. WTF is this 3 year old cartoony pop tune?!

  • Thanks to the media, every man and his dog has heard of Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement. Congratulations to the couple, but enough Australian television! Every channel was running the same interview and stop comparing the girl to Princess Diana. Seriously? Seriously?!

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