November 4th, 2010


West End Farmers Markets

I haven't found another suitable fresh veg+fruit box delivery service.

Farm Fresh Organics requires a minimum purchase of $50 (not including delivery) to check out. I might place just 1 order with them when we're running very low on other items, such as bread.

Home Fresh Organics doesn't have our area listed as delivery area, but invited email enquiries. I sent them an email 17 Oct and still no reply.

Sooooo we decided to do the market run. Brisbane has several weekend farmers markets, so last week we hit up the West End Farmers Markets. They run on Saturdays and it's best to do your shopping before 11am, before the sun bakes the fresh produce.

And sorry, no photos for this entry, as we were rushing to pick up our first Couchsurfers.

  • Asparagus x1 bunch
  • Broccoli x 1 head
  • Capsicum x4
  • Chilli x1 packet
  • Eggplant x1
  • Swiss brown mushrooms x6
  • Fresh shitake mushrooms x6
  • King/Giant oyster mushrooms x4
  • Fresh ginger x7cm knob
  • Celery x1 bunch
  • Coriander x1 bunch
  • Bananas x6

This lot costed us $25, so $5 less than the required challenge amount. We'll do better this week.