October 21st, 2010


Another Farm Fresh Central delivery?

Riding home from work tonight, I hadn't expected a delivery waiting for us at our door. Last week had been what I thought was our last Farm Fresh Central order - 4 weeks of the small mixed box.

So seeing it sitting there was a surprise.

  • Beans x1 bag
  • Broccoli x1 head
  • Carrots x3
  • Cucumber x2
  • Romaine lettuce x1 whole
  • Onions (white) x3
  • Potatoes (unwashed) x6
  • Pumpkin x quarter
  • Salad leaves x1 box
  • Spring onions x 1 bunch
  • Tomatoes x6
  • Apples x6
  • Bananas x4
  • Kiwi x2
  • Nectarines x4

Good thing we hadn't place an order with another provider just yet, but guess I'll be on the phone to Farm Fresh Central in the morning.

Edit: Turns out the Farm Fresh Central ordering system doesn't have an end date, so you have to call to tell them to either cancel or put orders on hold indefinitely.