October 8th, 2010


Happy birthday to the SO!

I interrupt this blog's regular programming with this very important announcement:


Every year, it gets harder and harder to buy you anything to celebrate your hatch-day, cuz like many husbands (and tech-heads) out there, you just go out and buy whatever you want whenever you want it. Oh, I know that's an over-generalisation, but women out there know exactly what I mean. That is why men have growing collections of ties and socks they might never wear.

So instead, I resort to buying myself flimpsy (but very tasteful) negligees made of ridiculously thin fabrics and lace for your birthdays/anniversaries. Lame, I know... but it's a win-win situation: I get pretty things and you get... pretty things?

However this year, your present is a big hug and cuddles when you get back, cuz I've missed you all week.
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