September 28th, 2010



I love that I can call my hairdresser a friend. We've been saying we should do a takoyaki night, but never got round to it due to calendar clashes. However, we finally set a date and she invited us over for takoyaki at her place over the weekend.

She proudly pulled out this non-stick cast iron takoyaki plate and I am in awe!

These were awesomely yummy with proper octopus and once we got the hot plate going, they got better and better. I now have the receipe to make these, as long as I can get the mould. And I want one sooooo bad now. Searches on Amazon, eBay and Rinkya aren't proving too successful. We might have to wait till our next trip to Japan. Does anyone have any idea where to pick one up without it costing an arm and a leg?

Thank you a brilliant dinner and even better company, Yumi!