September 25th, 2010


[Doll] Capelet

I finished a simple capelet for Laeticia, with little pink silk ribbon embroidery twirl roses and white French knots along the edges.

Twirl roses may look a lot simpler than the spiderweb rose, but there's a fair bit of skill that goes into twisting the ribbon.

On the other hand, I gave sewing a bullion rose a go.

These are a lot harder! I must be using the wrong needle or thread, but sewing that one bullion rose had me cursing and swearing at the stretched fabric. I think I might stick to silk ribbon embroidery next time.

I am looking for a good supplier of silk ribbon though (ie. doesn't charge me an arm and a leg for shipping). Anyone with recommendations?

Babu Burger and Grill @ Wilston

Some friends are going on a working holiday and had roped the SO to help move their worldy possessions into storage units. By the time the time they were done, everyone was starving and wanted one last hurrah in their homebase.

One of the places they had been recommending is Babu Burger and Grill and this was the perfect opportunity to check it out. We arrived to a relatively empty restaurant out front and in the main dining area, but there was a large group of women at the back, which appears to cater to events and large groups.

Our friend quipped they have a sign they occassionally put out, proclaiming Babu Burger and Grill are 'probably the best burgers in Brisbane'. I like honesty and a touch of cheek. (^_^)

All burgers are served with fresh salad on the side - lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion, plus gourmet tomato relish. They are dressed in a balsamic dressing and I opted to slap them into my burger.

Your meat pattie is cooked to your preference, just like steak. And they have a range of extras you can include to customise your burger, including grilled eggplant.

The Classic Babu - Big Babu with cheese, bacon & fried egg

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Babu Burger and Grill
83 Kedron Brook Road
Wilston, QLD 4051
Tel: +61 7 3356 4039

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