September 24th, 2010


Say helloooo iPad

I've had it all week, but I've been setting it up with work email, calendar and apps while waiting for the microSIM to arrive. Because there's only so far a wireless network can get you.

Nonetheless, please welcome the newest addition to the team at work.

All it needs now is the $100 iTunes voucher, so I can download some additional non-free apps for work. I'm hoping someone somewhere will develop a decent app to view multiple Outlook calendars, but that's looking slim. That would be super handy though.
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Our early relationship on paper

It's been awhile since I last doodled and thankfully the SO has forbidden me from throwing out my sketchbooks, despite the number of relocations I've made (including the international ones).

Cuz these doodles are fond reminders of how our relationship began and in many ways, still is like today.

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