September 19th, 2010


Pintxo Spanish Taperia @ New Farm

After a mad week of running around like a headless chicken for work, it was a very welcome change to sit down with friends at an eatery that we've been wanting to visit for awhile (ie. everytime we've walked past).

Pintxo (pronounced Pin-cho) has two dining areas - the traditional 'sit-down at a table for your meal' section and the sushi train style bar. We opted for the train, which wasn't busy and had a relaxed atomsphere. Besides, I love having my dinner paraded in front of me. (^__^)

And for the ladies, bag hooks under the bar for each seat is a greatly appreciated detail.

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Pintxo Spanish Taperia
561 Brunswick Street
New Farm, QLD 4005
Tel: +61 7 3333 2231

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