September 10th, 2010


Food Connect: Box 3

In this week's Food Connect mini box:

  • Cabbage xhalf
  • Capsicum x2
  • Carrots x2
  • Garlic x1 bulb
  • Leeks x2 stalks
  • Lettuce x1
  • Mushrooms x5
  • Potatoes x4
  • Silverbeet x2 stalks
  • Sweet Potatoes x2
  • Tomatoes x4
  • Zucchini x1
  • Rosemary x1 bunch
  • Apples x2
  • Bananas x3
  • Lemon x1
  • Mandarins x2
  • Oranges x2
  • Strawberries x8

I can't believe it's already our third week with Food Connect! We've been really enjoying having so much of our weekends to ourselves, and not running around getting grocery shopping done.

And surprisingly thus far, the only wastage we've had is the navel orange and a radish. This is a change from the usual 1 thing we'd end up throwing out from not using it before it goes off. And funnily enough I'm finding the produce keeping longer. We have an apple from our first box still in excellent condition, which I'll use with last and this week's green apples to make apple crumble.