September 3rd, 2010


Food Connect: Box 2

It's that time of the week again!

But before I give the low-down on our 2nd Food Connect box, how did we fare with our first box?

To be honest, the SO has spent the week in Melbourne, so I've had to take one for the team. Everything has kept well, save the one navel orange. Mould took over it too quickly, so I've had to throw it out. The other orange was beautiful. I still have the avocado (still too firm), apples, zucchinni, sweet potatoes and 1-2 mushrooms.

One of the most surprising things about getting fruit/veg boxes is how much time we're saving on the weekends. We didn't quite know what to do with ourselves, since we often spend much of Saturday running between the markets, the supermarkets and occassionally the butcher/fishmonger/Sunnybank (for Asian groceries).

So what was in our 2nd Food Connect box?

  • Broccoli x1
  • Cabbage xhalf
  • Carrots x2
  • Celery (a third or quarter of a bunch)
  • Potatoes x4
  • Radish x1
  • Alfalfa sprouts x1 box
  • Tomatoes x5
  • Curled parsley x1 HUGE bunch
  • Apples x2
  • Avocados x2
  • Bananas x2
  • Lemon x1
  • Mandarin x1
  • Orange x1
  • Passionfruit x1
  • Strawberries x1 bag

This week's potatoes are much smaller than last week's, so I wonder if it's a different variety. I roasted them for dinner last night (along with the lone beetroot) and they didn't have as gritty/sandy a texture as many of the potatoes we find at the supermarket.

And yes! Strawberries!!! I tried one and have been resisting eating the lot, so the SO will have some when he returns tonight.