August 21st, 2010


It's voting day here in Australia

And if you Aussies haven't done so already, you have till 6pm to choose your government for the next 3 years.

Since I can only stand on the sidelines and giggle at all the ridiculous ad campaigns, brush off the flyer distributors and trash the junk mailouts (ie. I don't get a vote), I shall plug the SO's uni mate's newest game, which pays 'tribute' to one of the promises in Tony Abbot's action contract: Stop the Boats!

Apparently Tony Abbott has been invited to play the game to get some practice in... if he becomes Prime Minister by the end of today/tomorrow. Play it here!

Jesus Christ Superstar

Since winning the tickets to watch Harvest Rain's production of Jesus Christ Superstar, I've been buzzing with anticipation for preview night to rock up. Everyone at work knew I was going to watch it and the SO has sighed many a time at my random bursts of Hosanna's 'Jesus Christ Superstar' phrase. Obviously my enthusiasm wasn't contagious enough, but not for looooooong.

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