April 15th, 2010


Shopping and eating

This was pretty much one of our last days to do as much shopping as we wanted. I'm surprised shopping malls were not as busy as they usually are in the afternoons. I remember shops being open from 12pm, but many don't open their doors till 2pm.

One of our first stops were Ion and wandered the basement food court at purence's recommendation.

The food court itself is as pricey as you'd expect from a high-end shopping mall, but perhaps nowhere as expensive as the individual stalls touting Japanese flavours. $16 for Japanese curry rice? I think not. The food court also has a pushcart system to purchase drinks and dim sum.

As we wandered up and down Orchard Road, the SO wondered out loud just how many Louis Vuittons and Mont Blanc stores Singapore really needs. And I agreed: while the integrated resorts are meant to attract the high-rollers to Singapore's shores, there's no evidence at the moment that that has eventuated yet.

We organised to have dinner with piglyn and her new beau at Lau Pa Sat. The Sibling and her fiance were late in meeting up with us, but it was good to start first and catch up on life thus far. I always wondered how others settle back into life in the motherland after spending time down under and compare it to my own experiences.