April 4th, 2010


Easter picnic

I could never find Easter eggs during hunts.
I'm not so keen on chocolate (unless it's so dark, it's bitter).
I don't believe in the Easter bunny.
And I hated being dragged to church for Holy Week (ie. Good Friday, Easter Sunday).

So it's pretty safe to assume that Easter has never been a big deal to me.

But the holiday is a family thing for most Aussies, so his family decided to make it a bit more of an occasion with a picnic at the beach on the Sunshine Coast. However we got a call first thing in the morning to be informed that the venue was changed to Maleny, a rural community on the Blackall Range. Last minute changes annoy the crap out of me.

But thankfully besides that and the bogans on the road, who don't know how back into a ditch parking spot in their 4WDs (seriously?!), we enjoyed a great picnic lunch (pork and chilli salami with bread rolls, scones, pasta and garden salad, lime & poppy seed syrup cake) at Gardeners Falls and a bit of the bush.

Happy Easter, all!